At Manhattan East we believe that every student should have a solid music education. With this philosophy in mind, every student is given the opportunity to learn an instrument.  The curriculum is built around a 2-year sequence where students meet 3 days a week.

After being introduced to the instruments that make up a typical Concert Band, 6th grade students choose the instrument that they would like to study from 6th-8th grade and begin to learn the basics.

In their second year of study, 7th graders continue to achieve mastery on their instrument but also begin to study the basics of music theory.  After completing both years students should have a basic knowledge of what will be expected of them within a high school audition, but it is strongly recommended that students interested in auditioning for an arts school elect to take Concert Band in 8th grade.  

The Concert Band is an elective that is offered to all students. 8th graders meet separately because of their advanced knowledge.  This elective is designed for students who truly enjoy making music.  We perform standard wind ensemble repertoire, but also enjoy a pop tune now and then.

Finally, the Manhattan East Jazz Band and Rock Band are the two premiere ensembles of the best performers within the school.  Both bands perform at various school events and the Jazz Band competes in the Music In the Parks festival every year.

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