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6th Grade Social Studies: Eastern Hemisphere

The 6th grade social studies curriculum focuses on the geography and history of the Eastern Hemisphere. There is a focus on culturally responsive topics and sharing students’ backgrounds and experiences. Many of the topics covered are assessed using projects and performance-based assessments and tasks. 

Topics include:

  • Geography Skills
    • Map reading
    • Continents and oceans
    • Five Themes of Geography
  • Early Humans
    • Primates and hominids
    • Stone Age humans
    • Neolithic Revolution
  • Early River Valley Civilizations
    • Mesopotamia/Sumer
    • Egypt
    • China
    • Indus Valley
  • World Religions
  • Classical Civilizations
    • Greece
    • Rome

7th & 8th Grade U.S. History and Government

The U.S. History and Government Regents course is given over 7th and 8th grade and culminates in the NYS Regents exam in June of the students’ 8th grade year.   Students in a non regents class will be covering the same topics in a more overarching overview.

Topics Include:

  • Colonial Foundations
  • American Revolution
  • Constitutional Foundations
  • Sectionalism
  • Civil War
  • Industrialization
  • The Progressive Movement
  • Age of Global Crisis (World Wars / Great Depression)
  • The World in Uncertain Times (1950-present)